Benefits of deposits
with UnioNeed


Upon conclusion of the contract, you receive a fixed interest rate, which ensures a stable and reliable income. The total work experience in the financial sector of key employees of our professional team is more than 50 years. We are a financial institution with transparent reporting and supervision system, including:

UnioNeed operates strictly within the framework of the legislation of the (reports to Bank of Estonia) Republic of Estonia;

ensures the availability of the necessary authorized capital;

ensures the availability of a mandatory reserve fund;

reports monthly to the Bank of Estonia;

is audited annually;

reports annually to the depositors at the General Meeting;

investments and issuance of loans is supervised by a professional loan committee.


The highest rates in comparison with many other forms of investment with the lowest risks. A fixed term deposit in UnioNeed is more profitable compared to a savings account due to a significant difference in the interest rate (up to 7.9% in UnioNeed versus less than 2% with a savings account in any traditional bank in Europe, where rates can even be negative). In addition, a stable and profitable investment will allow you to plan your future income with more confidence.

A cash deposit with regular profit is also suitable for those people who do not want to take care of their daily investments on their own. Our advicers will take care of this.


To formalize your deposit is easy and it can be done remotely right now. All processes are automated as much as possible and do not require any paperwork. With a convenient personal user account, you can constantly monitor the status of your deposits or loan application. The rules for the processing of personal data can be found here.

Important: You are dealing with a financial service. Before concluding a contract, please, carefully read the specified terms and conditions and, if necessary, seek advice from our specialist.

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