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are reliably low,
but profitable!

About the company

We are a savings and loan association based on Estonian capital, the purpose of which is to recruit new members, earn them money and give them loans.

It is extremely important for a financial company that its team consists of professionals with a wide range of knowledge and skills. UnioNeed’s key and leading positions are made by professionals whose experience in the financial sector makes each of them an expert in their field.

The total work experience of our specialists in the team exceeds many 50 years of work in the financial sector. This allows us to state with certainty that we are one of the most professional companies in the Estonian savings and loan associations market. Professionalism, reliability and experience are some of the most important factors that make our customers value us.

Our team


Aleksei Baranov

Chairman of the Board

16 years of experience in the financial sector


Kaspar Sadrak

Member of the Board

10 years of experience in the financial sector


Roman Solntsev

Member of the Board

10 years of experience in entrepreneurship


Maria Haljas

Head of The Office

5 years of experience in the financial sector


Lada Kondratjeva

Customer Advisor

3 years of experience in the financial sector

How do we earn money for you?

In order to maximize the reliability and safety of your funds, we choose conservative, that is, reliable methods of earning with a low level of risk. We accept money from depositors and give it out to other members of our association at a higher interest rate. Funds can be issued against secure real estate collateral or on the basis of a transparent and reliable credit history of the borrower.

Risks and prospects when issuing loans are assessed by our special credit committee, making a choice in favor of solutions with long-term reliability: real estate covered by a mortgage, surety or collateral. The tool for extracting the total aggregate income of UnioNeed is as follows: our depositors receive interest on their deposits due to the fact that those funds are issued to other members of association in the form of loans with a higher interest rate.

The security of your deposits and the transparency of UnioNeed activities

Along with the professional competence of the team, it is very important that the activities of a financial company are transparent and accountable to state control bodies. We are a financial institution with extremely transparent reporting and supervision system:

  • We report to the Bank of Estonia on a monthly basis
  • We ensure the availability of a mandatory reserve fund
  • We pass an audit annually
  • We report to the depositors at the general meeting annually
  • Issuance of loans is supervised by a professional credit committee
  • UnioNeed operates strictly within the framework of the legislation of the Republic of Estonia
  • We ensure the availability of the necessary authorized capital
  • Any depositor can participate in the control process

Why do you need to open an interest bearing deposit account?

Money that is resting in a bank account always loses in value. This means that already in 5 years, their purchasing power will decrease by at least 15-20%, taking into account the inflation rate of recent years. By opening a deposit account at interest, you not only protect your money from loss of value, but your money also start earning, that is, they bring you additional income as well.

Thus, you or your future generations instead of depreciated amounts in bank accounts receive a multiplied fortune corresponding to the period of deposit. In other words, there is more money than ever before. A monetary deposit with regular profit is suitable for those people who do not want or do not have the opportunity to worry every day about investments on their own. All the tendance and responsibility are taken by our experienced financial experts.

What interest rates are reliable?

Investing is always a financial risk to some extent, and it can be measured using interest rates of return. There exist obviously inflated (that is – extremely risky) interest rates on deposits in the market. Today we refer to risky rates the interest rates above 8% per annum without any guarantees. There are proposals for even higher interest rates on deposits: 12%, 20% and even 100%.

Special knowledge is required to invest in such projects, and even if such expertise is available, security and profitability cannot be guaranteed. We at UnioNeed have chosen weighted average rates for deposits with the most reliable percentage of return from 5% to 7.9% per annum. This is a relatively easy income earned in the Estonian financial market, which does not entail excessive risks.

Our rates are reliably low, but profitably high!

Depositing with UnioNeed is easy

This can be done both personally in our representative office and remotely right now on the site. All registration processes are automated and do not require paperwork. Subsequently, in a convenient personal client area, you can personally monitor the status of your deposits or loan applications. The rules for the processing of personal data can be found here.

Find out more about the deposits or about our company by talking to our consultant over the phone

+372 69 99 908

Benefits of opening an investment deposit with us

The aggregated financial experience of our team of specialists exceeds 50 years.
You do not need to take risks, invest or gamble on a stock exchange. We earn for you on your behalf.
We invest only in reliable projects. Mortgage loans and loans to individuals with a reliable credit history.
Our annual interest rate on deposits is weighted as much as possible. It is reliably low but profitably high.
We have a guarantee fund and report monthly to the Central Bank of Estonia.

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